[外文游泳文献] Creating a Positive Training Environment 创造一个良好的训练环境

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Creating a Positive Training Environment

This week’s Speedo Tip of the Week comes from Neil Beck, the assistant head coach of the Tacoma Swim Club in Tacoma, Wash. Beck offers some advice on creating a positive training environment.

Beck’s Tip:

Swimming is a sport of individualism, where we are measured in distance against time. It is a sport where we fight a personal battle against ourselves. Competition is the arena for this struggle, but daily practices create the groundwork and path to our performance and essentially, our success in the water.

Practice sessions transform the individual to a team member, where it is no longer one swimmer against the clock. Training in a team atmosphere can bring out the best in individuals.

A team atmosphere can allow great things to take place, but conversely, negative attitudes or behaviors can ruin the environment for success. There are many things you must ask yourself when you are a member of a team: Do you add to a positive environment or do you detract from it? Do you talk negatively about others or your coach? Do you listen to the advice offered by your coaches? Do you see yourself coming to practice late or leaving early? Are you excited about the challenges offered at practices? Do those who aren’t training as hard distract you, or are you jealous of them?

A great training atmosphere helps programs and their swimmers become successful. A positive environment is made up of swimmers who have the following:

Goals: A defined purpose to strive for.

Focus: Staying determined and working to meet goals. Keeping a positive attitude during stretches and spending necessary time training and preparing.

Ownership: Putting in the time and taking pride in the training process. This can also be an individual who maintains a training logbook.

Accountability: A commitment to the program displayed through strong attendance. This also includes individuals who make positive choices in and out of the pool setting.

Action: Having a positive attitude and being open-minded about challenges presented daily.

Awareness: Being aware of goals, how to achieve them and an understanding of how to move closer to them.

Your coach sets rules and behavioral regulations such as limiting excessive talking, hanging on the wall, using cell phones at the pool and maintaining strong attendance. You and your teammates have a strong impact on one another. Each person has the power to preserve or create a positive environment that can bind a great team. An atmosphere reflecting a sense of pride, accountability and mutual respect will allow great things to happen in competition and beyond, but it is ultimately up to you. It is your choice and your sport.

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